Stark for President

James Stark For President 2024

Personal message from James Stark

The Secret Service needs to stand down

Give them the same consideration the president gave the 4 Americans in Libya

James promises that any government official who has acted as traitors or who are traitors to the constitution is to be considered treason in government will be punished under the full extent of the law. Military trials for the accused.

Trials  for traitors if I am elected there will be military trials for congressmen and senators who violate the oaths of their office. This includes former and present presidents. Trials for dojs who don't do their Jobs. Stop The class warfare against truckers.

The government is violating the truckers 2nd and 8th amendments. The truckers get pulled over and are ticketed for frivolous violations giving them points on their licenses not to mention 15 points for the stop. This is an outright attack on the truckers who are trying to earn a living and are subject to totally outlandish rules because they have cdl licenses. If a trucker is stopped in his car he can be legally charged for drunken driving at .o4 because he has a cdl license. Normal citizens who get seat belt tickets in their cars  are offered diversion however if a trucker is stopped in his personal car he cannot have diversion because he has a cdl license. When James Stark is made president he vows to prosecute judges and police officers for violating the civil rights of the truck drivers and the violation of the 2nd and 8th amendments of the constitution of the USA. The ads seen on TV to become truckers and get their cdls and high paying jobs needs to be stopped. Persons who pay truck driving schools to learn to drive are being put off the road by dot and law enforcement before they can get their loans paid off thru the warfare being committed against the truckers and trucking industry

I would abolish personal taxes the only taxes would be on products.

I would make property taxes illegal against the law and pardon all mortgages

What we need to know now is. Will the generals of our military and sheriffs in the US going to join these traitors in Washington for the open boarders the fast and furious or will they stand their ground and help the US in the time of Martial Law? Email your sheriff and ask them are they with the US people or are they traitors to the constitution. The time of martial law is very near. The Black Panther party is on a path to getting martial law started

To handle the illegal alien problem if they want in the US they should be required to serve in the us military for 2-4 years and they then would be given citizenship.


The current administration is taking the free will of the people. They are traitors to the people and the constitution. So lets take the free will of all congress and administration!

James Stark policies

This country is on the Highway To Hell as your President, "I will put up a stop sign to stop it".

Put a freeze on inflation so the American people can keep spending

and keep the economy going. Not a penny more towards anything.

James Stark is running for President of the United States. After seeing the destruction in America done by the current administration, James Stark believes voting for him will be the people’s best choice.

Just remember who said " It is not who votes, it is who counts the votes that determines who gets elected."

When a judge makes a decision like, there is not actual innocents and innocents is not a reason for an appeal he makes all judges accountable for that decision. It is the same as being guilty by association in a crime.

So Judge Steven L Mauer has implicated all judges as treasonous to their oaths of office with his decision that there is no actual innocents.


Obama has one thing right immigrants do jobs that Americans do not want: 13,000 rapes and murders.

 When I become president I will give the United Nations 3 days to move out or be arrested for treason and espionage of the United states for undermining the constitution of the US.

Under the constitution party platform James promises to bring this country full circle to live according to the constitution. James promises to keep America strong by protecting our boarders as they should be protected.

Join my militia all you have to do is have a gun, lots of bullets, protect your family, we invite policeman, fire fighters, fbi agents, secret service agents, federal marshals and all individuals to join.

Simple and simplistic no more waste of Americans money and building a strong America is the only way to go in the future. Under the constitution party platform, never again will the federal government give money to big business and banks as the constitution did not allow.

I will stop the intentional sterilization of the citizens of the United States.


No more free rides for immigrants and no more free rides for politicians.

James promises new and better armed services for the USA. James will ensure that traitors to the constitution will be dealt with as should be. James proclaims that treason in government is to be his #1 priority to give the American people a chance to breath new clean government air. (Around the White House, congress and in the senate). When the time comes vote for James Stark for president. Let’s take this land of the free and home of the brave back from the powers to be and make it the power of the people. James will lock down the boarders-get rid of NAFTA- 75% import tax in incoming to this county-75% income tax reduction Immediately liquidate Fannie may and Freddy Mac return all mortgage loans as paid in full. Sue the federal reserve no bubble no recession of a real monetary system.

Once again the bell toll for freedom and democracy, honesty, religious freedom and most of all freedom from fear from terrorism from with in.

James Stark for President, the new Constitution party platform, trials for Traitors to the constitution, ending Treason in government.


I promise to clean it up!